Club Repair

Are your grips becoming worn out? 

No problem!

At Lancaster Indoor Golf & Training Center, we offer basic club repair from replacing grips. We have the ability to order any particular grip you might want from all the major companies that include:


Golf Pride



Winn Grips

and more!

Have your own grips? No problem, we just charge $3/club for installation
For more extensive club repair (i.e. reshafting, shaft alignment, loft/lie adjustments, etc.), please see the pricing list below:

Standard Shaft Services: Reshafting and/or Installation

  • Per Club Reshaft ($35)includes broken shaft removal / adapter save for reshaft club only. Add +$7 for SuperStroke putter grip save
  • Per Club ($20)Re-epoxy head only – provide secondary club for swingweight/length/loft/lie accuracy

Other Shaft Services:

  • Broken Shaft Removal ($20)
  • Standard Disassembly ($20)
  • Save OEM Adapter ($20)Does Not include specialized replacement ferrule where needed

Shaft Alignment:

  • Per Club FLO ($15)manual alignment (NOT SST pure – see below)
  • Tip/Butt trim and Prep ($10)on new or used shafts if not being installed during reshaft


Club Lengths:

  • Lengthen shaft (up to 1″) ($10)Does Not include grip save


Bend Loft/Lie*

  • Per Club ($10)Minimum $30 per appointment for check/bend


Puring per shaft**

  • With select shaft purchase, at time of purchase ($25)
  • Provided shaft/Non-select shaft/Cut Shaft ($50)
  • Full club disassemble/re-assemble/PURE ($70)

**SST Pure services are sent out. May take up to 7 business days.

*Club owner assumes responsibility and neither club builder nor the drop off location are liable for breakage during loft/lie changes. Every effort is put forth to inspect for potential damage prior to bending, as well as minimize tool or machine marks from the process